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What to Expect & Additional Information

Welcome to Copper River Guides! 

Below is some additional information and details to help you prepare for your upcoming fishing trip.

We will be picking you up or meeting up at  designated time

We will provide all the necessary gear and tackle for the fishing trip. You will be outfitted with neoprene chest waders, life jacket, and tennis shoes to wear on the river. These will be worn outside of your waders in the water so please don’t expect to wear your own, unless you have wading shoes. We will also have extra rain jackets for you to use if it is raining.

Please make sure to give us your shoe sizes prior to your scheduled trip so I can make sure to have river shoes that will fit you comfortably.

Please also let us know where you will be staying. We can accommodate pick ups and drop offs from most places in the area, depending on the distance. If you will be renting a car, we can meet at the take out so you will be right back with your car when we conclude the trip. If you need recommendations for places to stay in the area, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Because we are fishing in cold Alaskan spring/glacial waters, we recommend you wear synthetic layers to keep warm under your neoprene chest waders. As temperatures in Alaska are hard to predict, the best method is to layer so you can add if you get too cold or take off layers if it gets too hot (or after a long battle reeling in a big King Salmon)! A T-shirt with a sweatshirt/long sleeve, and a jacket will usually suffice. If you have a rain jacket, it is a good idea to bring it along, but again, we will have extras that you can use. Make sure to wear long pants, long underwear works great if you have it but sweatpants or pajama pants will work as well and keep you comfortable in your waders. Jeans or stiff material can make for a very uncomfortable, long day in waders. Wear warm socks, preferably taller than ankle height so you can tuck your pants in them and keep your pants from riding up in your waders.


  • Fishing License (If you get a 1-day license please make sure that the date on the License is the correct date you’re going) Would can purchase these at Copper Central, our tackle shop. (they need to be printed out)
  • King Stamp (If fishing for King Salmon)
  • Driver’s License/Photo ID
  • Lunch (We will provide snacks and water)
  • Camera (There is dry storage on boat for cameras/phones etc.)
  • Extra Layers, hat, sunglasses (weather can change, and the water you will be fishing in is COLD).

Thank You and I look forward to fishing with you!

**Prices do not include a tip for the guides or your pre-and post-trip hotel arrangements.

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If you have any questions or concerns. Please give us a call at (907) 960-0069